Messaging & Collaboration

In today’s times, messaging and collaboration services in an IT environment is more than just a way of communicating via e-mails or being mere commodities for most enterprises. It is more about being a collaborative effort for decision-making and development, in turn, helping organizations achieve greater productivity during client interaction.

How NetLabs Simplifies Messaging and Collaboration Management

Through a suite of offerings including cloud evaluation of workloads, suitable messaging & collaboration solutions, as well as, design and migration professional services, we at NetLabs can help you create messaging and collaboration services that help you meet your organizational needs.

We offer industry standards-based messaging and collaboration solution that simplifies and accelerates the integration and management of data distribution in IT environments
We engage in the e-mail and IM operations, collaboration services, platform migration, hosted messaging solutions owning the entire messaging stack ranging from operations, hosting, hardware, to maintenance. All these services are offered to our clients and customers on a per mailbox model approach