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Infrastructure Services

Understanding Colocation: The Pros and Cons of Colocation Security

Colocation facilities might not initially appear to offer much in the way of security over other types of infrastructure, such as on-premises servers and public clouds. After all, the majority of significant cyberattacks today use software-based attack vectors, which are equally effective regardless of the

Expert Advice: Five ways you can modernize your Cloud

It doesn't matter which cloud strategy you believe in. It could be a more gradual and incremental approach. Fine. Modernization, though, is necessary regardless of your choice. Without modernization, Cloud is simply a transfer of data from one data center to another, leaving all the

5 Colocation Developments and Trends that you need to Know

The market factors driving colocation in recent years will no doubt continue in 2022, but industry insiders anticipate a further boost from a diversified customer base and technologies like artificial intelligence. Since building and running data centers are complicated, colocation has become a preferred alternative

How IT Managed Services can Power up Organizations in 2022

MSPs (Managed Service Providers) play an important role in many modern businesses. MSPs are the secret weapon for firms trying to streamline operations and gain a competitive advantage in the market by supporting IT environments—whether it's through physical devices for end users, application and software

How can OpEx licensing solutions benefit your organization?

Traditionally, IT solutions have been purchased as capital expenses because they have been purchased as licenses. The solutions are considered investments because the buyer 'owns' them once they purchase, and they offer value to the organization well after the initial year of purchase. This might
GLBA compliance tick mark

What is GLBA Compliance?

Financial institutions often handle and store a lot of sensitive data of their customers. In these times, where the number of cyberattacks has increased, how can customers ensure that their data is in safe hands? The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), also known as the Financial Modernization
Smartshoring image

How Smartshoring Adds Value to Modern Enterprises

Over the years the concept of outsourcing has been constantly shape-shifting, to meet the needs of the current globalization era. This practice has been trying to fit into different business models and help enterprises leverage optimal benefits from resources.  In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape,