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HIPAA compliance: Security measures to adopt while working remotely

According to HHS, around 70% of organizations are not HIPAA compliant. The remote work scenario in recent times has only increased the number of organizations not adhering to compliance laws. A single HIPAA violation can rack up multimillion-dollar penalties. While HIPAA rules do not prevent telecommuting, the healthcare organization needs to ensure that the patient data has the same level of security as an in-house facility.

Some of the biggest HIPAA violations in the first quarter of 2020 are:

  • A leading orthopedic institute in Florida was hit by a ransomware attack that breached the data of 640,000 patients
  • Hackers targeted a leading healthcare company in the US through a social engineering phishing scheme and stole sensitive data of 365, 000 patients
  • A genome diagnostics company suffered an email hack that compromised the data of 232, 772 patients in early 2020

Our whitepaper delves deep into the various security measures that industry leaders need to adopt before allowing healthcare employees to telecommute.