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What Is ISMS and Why Should You Implement It?

People who constantly hear about ISMS might be wondering what it is and be perplexed as to why experts advise them to implement it. Don't worry. We are here to decode what this technology is and why you should implement it for your organization. If

Cybersecurity Architecture: Creating a ring of protection for your enterprise

What is Cybersecurity Architecture? Cybersecurity architecture is the cornerstone of an organization's protection against cyber-attacks, which guarantees that all components of its IT infrastructure are safeguarded. Cybersecurity architecture is also how various components of your cyber or computer system are arranged, synchronized, and connected. It

Cybersecurity for your Business: Is it necessary?

The internet has changed the world into a global village enabling communications and transactions between people and businesses in any part of the world. There has been a steep increase in digital transformation initiatives like cloud adoption, work from home, automation et al especially after

PCI Compliance – A Complete Checklist

The advent of digitization in the credit card industry underscored the need for robust security measures to protect data. While major players in the industry formulated their own security practices to combat digital fraud, there was a lack of a single security standard that could