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Do you really need a Digital Rights Management Solution ?

The concept of a connected world certainly has many benefits to offer. Users have access to all information with just a click of a button. We can share terabytes of data in mere seconds. However, this ease of connectivity also brings about an increase in online privacy violations where restricted data and documents may be accessed by unauthorized personnel. 

Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems can help tackle this problem by devising methods for copyright protection of digital media that includes confidential information like an organization’s intellectual property, market research, training modules, business development strategies. DRM solutions play a critical role in implementing information and data security practices across an enterprise.

So how exactly does a digital rights management platform work?

DRM solutions are crafted based on the kind of assets in question. In some cases, it encrypts the data and the decryption keys will only be available to authorized users. Some DRM solutions implement codes that prevent the copying of data. Data rights management solutions can also restrict a user’s access to data for a certain amount of time, preventing users from capturing screenshots, saving, sharing, or printing their data. Some kinds of data may be restricted so that it is available only in certain countries or IP addresses. Paid media or documents may also have watermarks to demonstrate ownership. DRM solutions can also allow stakeholders to have a list of users who have viewed or downloaded a document or file. 

Some sectors that can benefit from adopting digital rights management solutions are financial organizations, research and development companies, media and publishing companies, and healthcare organizations. 

Let us look at some of the benefits of a DRM solution:

  • DRM solutions help content owners retain ownership of their material and prevent piracy of their intellectual property
  • It helps keep critical information private so that only authorized individuals can access it.
  • It aids in ensuring that content is accessible only to age-appropriate audiences. 
  • DRM solutions allow authorized personnel to access content without the hassle of any third-party applications or installations.
  • Data rights management solutions help owners grant or revoke access to a file at any given time.
  • It helps keep an eye on the activity of the content users with comprehensive reports.

Information theft is a serious concern among organizations of today. Adopting a digital right management solution will certainly go a long way in ensuring that critical information is protected. Netlabs Global offers DRM solutions for all types of data and organizations. Take a look at our vast range of services that will help you protect your enterprise ecosystem.

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