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Author: Subham Sarkar

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How Smartshoring Adds Value to Modern Enterprises

Over the years the concept of outsourcing has been constantly shape-shifting, to meet the needs of the current globalization era. This practice has been trying to fit into different business models and help enterprises leverage optimal benefits from resources.  In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape,

A Guide to Security Operations Centre

Though cyberattacks have been around for decades, hacker masterminds of today use advanced technologies to unleash catastrophe at a global level. The contemporary cyber threats range from malware, spam, phishing, ransomware, Corporate Account Takeover (CATO) to DDoS attacks, to name a few. If cyberthreat itself

How to optimize your hybrid IT infrastructure

Cloud adoption is taking the world by storm, especially with remote work scenarios increasingly becoming a norm since the pandemic. While both public and private cloud ecosystems have their distinct advantages, company leaders often opt for hybrid cloud infrastructures. According to a prediction by Flexera,

Cybersecurity for your Business: Is it necessary?

The internet has changed the world into a global village enabling communications and transactions between people and businesses in any part of the world. There has been a steep increase in digital transformation initiatives like cloud adoption, work from home, automation et al especially after

Selecting an Intelligent Automation Partner for Your Enterprise

Intelligent automation is no longer just a hype that is adopted by a select few. The unprecedented events of 2020 forced organizations worldwide to embrace automation. Intelligent automation services, powered by a combination of RPA and AI, serve to streamline business processes, improve efficiency, and

Hyperautomation: The Way Forward for the Healthcare Industry

The process of automating routine processes across all sectors has been around since the 1950s. While it has served its purpose in increasing the speed at which tasks are done, the growth trajectory of modern enterprises saw the need for something more intelligent.  Hyperautomation bridges

Stages of IT Asset Lifecycle Management

IT assets refer to any kind of hardware or software owned by an organization. IT asset lifecycle management (ITALM) incorporates strategic procedures to ensure optimal use and maintenance of assets throughout their lifecycle. It helps to increase business productivity by providing insights to make critical