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Document Digitization to Document Intelligence with RPA and AI

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has opened up new horizons and is fast-tracking business transformation by enhancing Efficiencies, Improving User Experience and Optimizing Economy at scale. Handling Processes that involves document digitization has always been an extremely manual, repetitive, and time-consuming process for businesses across all verticals. Enterprises have often struggled to eliminate manual processes that involve the extraction of data from various types of documents, digitize them, and extract intelligence out of those documents. Typical processes that involve documents are Invoice Processing, Procure to Pay processes, etc.

The Rapid evolution of Machine Learning Models combined with the intelligence of smart orchestration with RPA gives enterprises tremendous power to completely digitize their document-related processes and also use data from the documents to build relevant intelligence for enhancing the efficiencies in the process.

We at Netlabs Global have created Intelligent Document Digitization and Document Intelligence solutions using the combination of RPA and AI. These solutions can be used for
Document Digitization using RPA and AI.

  • Reading, Understanding and Classifying Documents based on the type of data/content in the documents (Eg Identification & Classification of Invoices, Medical Documents, Resumes, etc)
  • Extract relevant data from documents (Eg Text, Lines, Paragraphs, Images, Signatures, Stamps, Numbers, Formulas, Tables, Boxes, etc)
  • Make intelligent decisions based on the extracted data (Eg Claims Approval, Payment Approvals, HR-related decisions, etc)

Netlabs Global is primed to deliver outcomes, whatever your organizational maturity on the adoption of automation and artificial intelligence may be. We help you with everything from discovering the best processes to automate to adding AI-driven functionality that helps you optimize, implement, and measure more automation.

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