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Next-Gen Technology Skills – Employee Pool

As per the new Annual Employability Survey 2019 by Aspiring Minds, the general quality of India’s engineering graduates is exactly where it was a decade ago, with next-gen technology skills like AI and Data Sciences still a distant dream.

Next-Gen Technology Skills and Talent-as-a-Service

Some even think if it made sense for them to pursue engineering as a career track at all!!

Below are some interesting findings from the survey:

  • 80% of Indian engineers are not fit for any job in the knowledge economy.
  • Good coding skills (the ability to write functionally correct code) are possessed by only 4.6% of Indian job applicants.
  • A far higher number of American candidates (18.8%) can write correct codes.
  • “Engineering education is mainly theory-based. Only 40% of students perform internships while only 36% undertake projects beyond their required coursework.” 

“Students are trapped in a college bubble. They have little industry exposure. Only 47% of students attend industry talks. 60% of faculty do not discuss how engineering concepts apply to the industry.”

Need of the Hour: Bridge the Gap between what Academia provides and what Industry expects

Next-Gen Technology Skills and Talent-as-a-Service

Talent-as-a-Service offering from Netlabs has been conceptualized and proven itself to be a very successful and end-to-end model to address this burning issue of employability, especially technology skills.

It is not like another Finishing School!! 

Rather it’s a Stairway to Success, with following steps:

Next-Gen Technology Skills and Talent-as-a-Service

Step 1: Getting prospective clients mandate of fresher hiring requirements

Step 2: Sourcing of candidates from engg. campuses across India

Step 3: Talent Assessment as per proprietary framework

Step 4: Competency Development (as per client mandates) leveraging Netlabs homegrown LMS, 1200+ hours of content, DataCenter, Training Labs, etc.

Step 5: Netlabs L0 assessment

Step 6: Talent Incubation – L0 program

Step 7: Netlabs Final Assessment & Certification

Step 8: Client Selection & Onboarding

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