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RPA for the Healthcare Industry

Robotic Process Automation is a type of business process automation technology that enables organizations to emulate and integrate human interactions within their digital systems to increase their business processes efficiency.

Compared to traditional IT solutions, RPA solutions enable organizations to automate processes at a fraction of the time and cost as was previously required. The technology is also nonintrusive by nature; it works with an organization’s existing infrastructure without disturbing the essential systems.

Common healthcare use cases include:

  • Scheduling new patient appointments: When a patient fills out a new patient appointment form electronically, RPA bots can scan the incoming data, fill out a condensed report and direct the appointment request to the proper queue based on defined attributes such as location, diagnosis, and insurance carrier. This presents a cost-effective and efficient scheduling model that also provides higher patient satisfaction levels.
  • Simplified claims processing: Most claims involve processes such as data input, processing, and evaluation. This process is often time-intensive and error-prone and can have a significant impact on cash flow. RPA helps streamline the claims process by speeding up the processing of data while also reducing the number of errors
  • Improving the healthcare treatment cycle: Providers collect vast amounts of data from their patients each day. Whether it is personal information or treatment cycle details, providers are collecting tons of patient data  Through the use of RPA software, healthcare organizations can extract and optimize patient data quickly and effortlessly. In communicating with other digital systems within the organization’s ecosystem, RPA software can manipulate collected data to generate analytics that offers valuable insights to clinical staff. This can enable more accurate diagnoses and better patient outcomes.

By implementing RPA into their operational processes, healthcare organizations can streamline patient experience, while reducing costs and improving efficiency. Netlabs Global provides a host of RPA services that help healthcare professionals deliver optimal patient care. For a quick overview of one of Netlabs Global’s solutions for healthcare providers, watch this short video.

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